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Before we got to talking about tactics and broadening our understanding of the lexicon of SM, he rightly spent time helping us to devise a strategy. Once we had this clarity the tactics were relatively simple to understand and put into action. The upshot is…

Paul Handleigh, MD youTalk-insurance

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A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Apprentice – July

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on July 29, 2014, No Comments

It’s my second month as social media apprentice for Live And Social and I’m really getting into the swing of things now. I’ve also been handed a whole project of my own and have been paid for the first time!

I can make a difference!

Today I have interviewed the founder of a local but successful business who has used the Union23 co working office space. We spoke via phone call about the office space, experiences with the office and advice for businesses or freelancers thinking of using a co working space. I’ve typed up the notes from the interview and written the blog post that I will publish on the @Union23 Twitter account. I’ve made sure that I was aware of SEO in the blog, making sure that I used the same keywords regularly to optimize the potential reach of the post. This could mean the blog reaches more people. Hopefully local businesses and freelancers read the blog and the messages in the blog hit home. If even one person reads the blog and comes to this month’s Maidstone Jelly meet up because they heard about what the office space can be used for, I will be very happy with that. Writing an original blog with a credible source as the resource for the points I wanted to make about Union23 is surely far better and more interesting for a reader than a bunch of curated tweets about the “7 Amazing Tips for Co Working” articles I could so easily find.

A week of firsts

I have been to college for the first time. Unfortunately I had to go to Dartford, which is not what you would call local to me. The first session was a follow up from the Induction to the course, starting at a low level to warm you up to the course and the online worksheet I need to finish by the end of the course. At the lunch break, I went to get some money out of a hole in the wall, realising that I had been paid. Another first in my life. It felt quite nice to withdraw £10 and buy a small portion of Cod knowing it was from my first pay cheque. What did you buy with your first pay cheque? Tweet me your first pay cheque purchase at @OllieWhitfield_ .I bought some new trainers, not very exciting really but in comparison to the CD’s or stereos some people buy but it was worth working for.

My first and second blog posts for Union23 are ready to be published. I uploaded them to WordPress for SEO optimization so that I could customize the URL address and title, description and add keyword tags. The first blog post is about a free magazine that Union23 offer to the public that promotes local events in Maidstone and Medway. The WOW Magazine blog goes out and is published very soon. So look out for it! The second is a write up of the interview I held with Kris Jeary from Squiders Web Design. We spoke about Co Working and Union23 and he offered his best advice for start-up businesses thinking of using a Co Working space like Union23. It was a really good interview, Kris was very helpful and gave me exactly what I needed for a good blog. So if you’re reading, thanks Kris!

The Importance of a Website Audit

Posted by Liz Lovell, under , on July 24, 2014, No Comments
The importance of a website audit

You will tend to find now, as a website owner looking for an SEO provider, many of us offer an initial SEO audit on a free or no obligation basis.  It should be a no brainer really, as no two websites should ever need the exact same SEO treatment.  Certainly for me, I would never take a client on unless I can fully grasp the website’s purpose, the company offering, its industry and competitors.  All in all, each of these elements and a many more will affect the success of any SEO techniques applied and so should not be overlooked or applied in isolation.

I have seen it too many times, a website owner comes to me needing assistance with their website as it is not performing in the search engines and they are unsure why?  Quite often they have just invested a great deal of time and money in a new and shiny website that looks great, but unfortunately has not been built with SEO in mind.  At this point I feel such empathy for them as I know a simple website audit and action plan could have provided the perfect starting blocks for both a great looking website that has all the elements in place to rank well within the desired organic search results.

An SEO audit should evaluate each and every little detail in accordance with the latest SEO best practice and search engine algorithms.  Gone are the days where we could simply tinker with the site’s meta data; our job today is a lot harder and our knowledge and skills need to be a lot broader, integrating with Social Media, Website Design and Architecture to set the best foundation for SEO success.

In my follow up to this post – ‘website tips for SEO success’, I will provide you with a handy overview of some of the key elements a website should have in place to stand the best possible chance of performing well in the search engines’ natural results via SEO.

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Google Support – Steps to a Google Friendly Site -https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/40349?hl=en&ref_topic=3309300

Google’s Guidelines for SEO  – https://support.google.com/webmasters/topic/6001981?hl=en&ref_topic=3309300

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