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Reasons Why a B2B Company Might Have a Facebook Group

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on September 3, 2015, No Comments
Reasons Why a B2B Company Might Have a Facebook Group

It might sound like a wild idea that a B2B company even use Facebook for anything other than advertising and posting their blogs. But I have been working in B2B for nearly 2 years now and the more I work in the industry the more I am seeing Facebook as a great way to communicate and network.

1. Continued contact with clients and advocates

Just because someone has bought your product or hired your company doesn’t mean that it’s time to celebrate just yet.

You could open a Facebook group for clients to communicate with you further. They could use this group to communicate issues, solve problems and share good experiences about your products/services. And the best part about it, your clients and customers can also communicate with each other. With an atmosphere like this you can pick some of the group members to become advocates, get free stuff and make content for you. You could do this via email but after a while of communicating within a group your contacts will be much more at ease with you as a company.

At Live And Social we have a community for our clients and partner agencies. We share the latest social media news, advice and tips in this community and allow professionals in the community to share experiences with each other. We have found a major benefit over a LinkedIn group or Google Plus community is simple: more people use Facebook regularly and Facebook notifies you when someone posts to a group so our clients are more likely to see it. We also did a survey to our clients prior to making the group and asked them which they prefered. Believe it or not, even in a B2B industry Facebook was coming out on top for us. That might not be the same for everyone but it is worth surveying your community.

2. Finding prospects by making industry groups

There are a variety of marketing groups on Facebook with people posting regularly asking for help and advice on a number of issues they need solving. If this isn’t a business opportunity I don’t know what is! I think because people don’t expect brands to spend time on Facebook and in groups this is in fact where a  lot of conversation is happening.

I remember early on in my days working for Live And Social I was introduced to a Facebook group called Internet Marketing Super Friends. This group currently has over 13,200 members who are consistently posting questions to each other and helping members of their community grow and become better marketers. There is not SPAM in this community and certainly no blog postings which is what has always made me angry about LinkedIn groups.

I have frequently seen posts from member asking for referrals and people who have connected with each other after meaningful conversations who then went on to work together. This particular group is worldwide so if you’re a local business you might want to set up something more regional.

If you are a recruitment company in the mining industry for example you may consider doing an Facebook group on the Mining Industry. In the group would be regular news and updates on the industry and business people would have the opportunity to share content and ask questions about important business decisions they have to make. This would be a place where business leaders share their problems and you can be there when you spot a need for a candidate to be placed.

3. Building authority through activity in groups

If you are a business leader in your organisation you are already aware that social media activity is important for you as an individual and for your organisation as a whole. People do business with people so in effect being seen as active in your industry, helpful to others and promoting good content is all going to be score points to any potential prospect looking at you.

Business leaders in your organisation should be active in as many social platforms as they feel comfortable in. And if they are not comfortable with any then social media training is needed. The future is going to be full of millennials on social media and you need to keep up as business is moving away from face-to-face and starting to stay more online.

As an active member of a group you will reap the rewards of a prominent profile that is seen by many people on your industry. This could in turn lead to you being approached for work, business opportunities, speaking engagement and more. Speaking engagements sound like extra work but they work so well in establishing authority that any opportunity you get to do one you should take – providing your company.

So those are my big three reasons for having or participating in a Facebook group when you’re in a B2B industry. B2B is filled with SPAM where people just want to post their blog content to a group and nothing more. With Facebook it’s much easier to have genuine reactions. Facebook isn’t dead just yet! What do you think. Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @MyCreative_UK. 

6 Great GIFs You Can Use on Social Media

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on September 1, 2015, No Comments
6 Great GIFs You Can Use on Social Media

GIFs are perhaps underused. I feel that they are a great way to grab the attention of your audience and make a funny remark or to draw attention to your tweet/status. Sometimes I like to share a GIF from a famous movie, clip on YouTube or TV series that people will recognise and have a connection with. That is when they are engaged. 

I like to think of this as one small way to help get people into the first stage of our sales funnel. If it’s only to gain some exposure and get eyes on our social channels, a GIF can help you. Admittedly it may be a touch out of place if you share a “funny cats” GIF on LinkedIn, but sharing GIFs can help re-engage your audience if they weren’t engaged.

As I mentioned about the sales funnel, if a person engages with a tweet I share using a GIF I see this as a first step into our funnel. They have shown interest or delight in what I have shared. If they are going to get into your sales funnel they are not going to start at the end and suddenly become interested in your company by reading in depth blog content about what you do.

Here are 6 examples of GIFs I have shared. Please feel free to share them on your own social media channels.

This one is great for when you’re expressing the feeling of something successful or saying goodbye. It would also make a great responder to someone messaging you on Twitter.

Want to share a shocking story…this is the face for you!

You’re probably going to want to express how successful you have been at some point in your business journey. Or even just how excited you are about something.

Are you in utter shock over something that happened in the news or with one of your colleagues? Now there is an easy way to express that shock. The muppet way.

Oh there’s always a reason to share a dancing GIF…I needn’t say more.

Something making you sad? No problem. Use this GIF and share your fears with the world!

I want to know if you have any GIFs to share with me. Send them to me on @liveandsocial!!