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We have worked with Jonnie for a number of years.  Jonnie and Live+Social successfully helped Alium recreate our quarterly email newsletter with a new focus, direction and tone which has resulted in improved traction and continuous and increasingly positive…

Katherine Corden, Marketing Manager Alium Partners

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September’s Content Lunchbox: A Social Media Round-Up

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on September 30, 2014, No Comments
Hinds Head Bray

September has been a busy month, not just in the world of social media, but in the Live And Social offices too. We’ve seen a Scotland vote NO to independence, the iPhone 6 has come out and China has banned Instagram!

Top Story of the Month: Apple Goes Bad

The iPhone 6 came out this month. The reason I picked this as story of the month is because of the huge amount of comments on social media. Mostly negative! So the iPhone 6 isn’t what people expected it to be I guess, but there’s more! iOS8 was also released and a stream of negative comments also followed the release. Apple quickly released iOS8.1 just to sort out the kinks of the first release. Could it be because there is no Steve Jobs to lead the way? As an iPhone user myself I have been experiencing lower battery life, slower start-up and random app shut downs. Rest assured I am tempted to move on to a Galaxy after this!

Here’s some of the social media fire on the iPhone6 and iOS8.





My favourite social media update about the iPhone had to be the video on YouTube of the guy in Perth who was the first person in Australia to buy an iPhone6. Check out what happened to him!

Infographic of the Month: The Journey from Lead to Customer

My favourite infographic this month was from a company called Reach Local. They mapped the journey from lead to customer in the most awesome way!

Top Slideshare of the Month: Being Creative

Canva went all out this month with a Slideshare on being creative. I love that they are showing people how you can use Canva to create something amazing!

Creativity Tips from Canva

Top Video of the Month: Cats Using Phones

Ahh well we can’t always have such a serious video each month. My favourite came from Social Media Week’s YouTube account and had me in stitches the whole way through!

Top eBook of the Month: Marketing Automation Meets Events

We talk a lot now about the use of marketing automation and how it can benefit many areas of your business. This eBook, called ‘6 Big Benefits of Event Technology and Marketing Automation‘ sheds light on how marketing automation can benefit events and help you demonstrate a real ROI.

Live And Social News

Top news this month from our Operations Manager, Anthony Stretten. Him and his wife are now expecting!

Also myself and Jonnie visited the Hinds Head in Bray for some fabulous social media chat and food. Hinds Head is one of 5 restaurants in the Fat Duck Group so we were thrilled to be eating in so much luxury.

Jonnie Jensen at the Hinds Head Bray

Hinds Head Bray

If you would like to share your favourite social media news this month we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below!

Getting To Know Yahoo Pipes

Posted by Anthony Stretten, under , on September 25, 2014, No Comments
Yahoo Pipes

In this post by Live And Social Operations Manager, Anthony Stretten, discover how to use Yahoo Pipes to get more accurate and relevant results in your RSS feed. Perhaps you want to do a search for garden fences and have used the keyword ‘fencing’ to find articles. Your RSS feed will show news articles about fencing (the sport) and fencing (the garden product). But how do get your RSS feed to make better decisions?

What is Yahoo Pipes?

Yahoo Pipes has been around for a very long time and without knowing how to code (which isn’t possible for most), it’s the only free aggregation tool that allows you to run queries against your chosen content RSS feeds.

It’s an online service that allows you to find/ add RSS feeds from websites you like and merge all the content into a single news feed. From here you can filter your search results to allow only relevant keywords. If this is something you want to add to a widget on your website then you can also block content that may contain profanity (just another example of the cool things it can do!)

You may already be using Feedly to read your content, but find that you are getting a lot of ‘rubbish’ articles come through. Using Pipes, you can keep all your categories in order on Feedly by filtering for content that matches your query. You could even have the same original feed split up and filter for different content.

Yahoo Pipes Filter

Pipes is a great tool, but like most tools it has its upside and its downside.


  • You can filter content via keywords related to the topics you like
  • You can exclude items not of interest or profanity
  • You can collate multiple feeds into one for a more relevant news feed


  • There is no support from Yahoo, so you will be relying on the forums that is purely run by users and other blogs on the internet.
  • Yahoo are quick to respond to issues, but are rubbish at letting it’s users/followers know of these issues and when they will be fixed.
  • Being honest, the hardest thing you will find is tips on how to create the pipes and who to contact if you have a question.

This is where we hope this post will help you out. We’re not aiming to do a step by step guide on Yahoo Pipes (unless you need this, then please let us know), this post aims to create an archive of useful sources and people to contact.

Yahoo Pipes

Twitter @YahooPipes

Yahoo Pipes Blog

Tips ‘n’ Tricks

This site is great for getting a better understanding of Pipes. Its also goes through a few scenarios where Yahoo Pipes is a life saver.


Are you currently using Yahoo Pipes? Or do you have an RSS feed full of irrelevant content and don’t know how to filter it out? Tell us about your experiences in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you! 


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