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We have worked with Jonnie for a number of years.  Jonnie and Live+Social successfully helped Alium recreate our quarterly email newsletter with a new focus, direction and tone which has resulted in improved traction and continuous and increasingly positive…

Katherine Corden, Marketing Manager Alium Partners

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A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Apprentice – August

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on September 2, 2014, No Comments

I’ve had a busy month. I have been involved in a variety of tasks and client actions including making an invite email to guest blogger candidates for our clients and finding as many quality candidates as I could. I made what Live And Social call a ‘TweetMaker’, a spreadsheet containing some scheduled and informative tweets for our clients to post with a timetable of how often to schedule which tweets and when.


I have been helping out with our reporting on client Social Media activity and statistics. Doing this shows you exactly how much a client grows with our help, statistics increase across the board and its great to see which platforms are a client’s strongest and weakest.

When we come to present this information to the client, it really helps to show that what we say is true and backs up what we have done and more or less tells us what the next area to work on is. It can be time consuming but the whole Live And Social team get involved to create the reports both monthly and quarterly for our clients. We measure how well each Social Media platform is performing and the amount of user engagement the channel gets each month.

Blog publishing and writing

This month the Live And Social team got together and wrote a team blog about our top Twitter hashtag review tools. I made up our list of tools and separated them into 3 each to write about, once we had all written our part of the post and were ready to publish it I had to publish the post across our Social Media channels. In case you missed it, here’s a link.

I am involved in regular blog publishing and editing for one of our clients now. I receive the approved blog content, read it, add it to our blog publishing platform and go through the process of making the post optimized with SEO. I will find a suitable featured image for the post, possibly change the title and some of the text a little if needed and categorize the blog, add tags and a meta description with an email excerpt as well.  After I have done all of this for the client, I can then share the blog across their Social Media channels. I create a ‘content alert’ for the client to share with their teams so that they can share the content as well, it helps them choose a tweet, status or update to write with the link to the post.

I also write this monthly post too. Would you do a kind favour for me? Like, RT, +1 or comment on these posts for me!

August’s Content Lunchbox: A Social Media Round-Up

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on August 28, 2014, No Comments

It hasn’t been the best weather this month. All the more reason why the ALS #IceBucketChallenge has taken social media by storm. People of all ages have been throwing ice cold water over themselves and donating money to charity. We reflect on the month of August and all the marketing news that you might have missed.

Top Story of the Month

The ALS #IceBucketChallenge has definitely taken social media by storm. Not sure about you but my Facebook news feed is clogged up with these. I personally have only just been nominated. Sadly I didn’t ‘get away with it’, which I thought I would. Here’s some of my favourite so far, starting with celebs and moving on to us normal folk! Use the comment box below to vote for your fav. Or tell me about one that’s even funnier that I haven’t seen yet!

Even the new Samsung Galaxy and Homer Simpson took the challenge. you know it’s gone viral now!

Infographic of the Month

My favourite infographic this month really helped me understand how people view web pages. It even finishes off with some tips on how to design your website for optimal use!

how your eyes view a website infographic

Top Slideshare of the Month

This month’s Slideshare goes out to Uberflip. This Slideshare shows us what new job titles are going to spring up in your organisation because of content marketing. Even if you have a small organisation it’s worthwhile looking at this so you can get an idea of the ideal layout of a content marketing team.

Now Hiring: 9 People You Need On Your Modern Marketing Team from Uberflip

Top Video of the Month

This one is actually rather old. I was reading an article about dealing with customer complaints on social media and it mentioned this Bodyform video. Curiousity got the better of me and I went to find the video and watch it. If this isn’t the best way to deal with a customer complaint, I don’t know what is!

Top eBook of the Month

This month I discovered a great eBook from Bizo Inc. The eBook is entitled, 5 Lead Nurturing Mistakes You Are Making and How to Fix Them. We have a tendency to think about attention and then conversion but forget the middle ground, the nurturing. Which essentially is the hardest part. This eBook describes some of the ways we are forgetting to do this and how we can change it.

Have a read and let me know what you think!

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