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Jonnie and his team were recommended to us. They have implemented a strategy and trained us to know all about Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging. The webinars have been hugely popular with our distributors and the new content on our website has seen us move up…

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Get your employees to become your social media champions

Posted by Natasha, under , on April 23, 2014, No Comments

Becoming a social business isn’t something that happens because you hire someone to post to Facebook for you. Being a social business is all about spreading the ethos within the whole company and that can be the hardest part of making a social change. Champion your staff to be part of your social business change. Ask them to follow your channels, mention you when they talk about you and share your content. This can often be a hard task, especially when it comes to larger businesses. Here are a few tips on making it happen!

Implementing a sharing culture

The first trick to getting your staff excited about sharing is implementing your new social culture to all new employees as part of their direct duties in the company. It’s important to remind your staff that the success of the business is their success too so sharing online and building community means that everyone is better off.

Tracking Links

Using UTM tracking codes, you can directly track how your staff are sharing online. This information is helpful if you want to create a team incentive or just review what percentage of your shared content is coming from staff versus other sources. This makes a great indicator of how socially influential your staff are too!

Content Alerts

Content Alerts are something we create to go hand in hand with a newly released blog post. The idea is that the blog writer will create suggestions for sharing the post as well as suggestions for groups and communities that may be interested in the post. This then gets emailed to all staff members after a blog post is released and team members can just copy and paste the suggestions and shortened UTM links into their social channels to share.

With this kind of process you eliminate the time it takes for your staff to think about sharing your content, making sharing easier and more efficient.

Here is an example content alert for you.


5 Tools to Build Your Audience on Social Media

Posted by Anthony Stretten, under , on April 17, 2014, No Comments
How to grow your social media

It’s difficult enough to keep track of all your social conversations without having to manage who you’re following and how many followers you have. Here are some quick tips to manage your social following quickly and efficiently.


When you click on ‘add a new stream’ in Hootsuite you have the option to keep a close eye on certain topics and keywords. This can come in quite handy for hashtags that your company is using a lot or maybe to monitor an event conversation to keep yourself up to date. Don’t forget that you can run boolean searches so try refine your keywords to the topic of interset. My example  below is #socialbiz OR #socialbusiness OR #socialmedia, as i want to see all the users who mention these hashtags.


You can also click on contacts on your left hand menu and use this section to manage your followers by putting them into lists. You can then add streams to see updates from just this list.

We have created a list to follow our staff and engage with them on Twitter.

Tip: Hootsuite has an App and a nifty Chrome extension as well.

Social Bro

SocialBro is a paid for tool but worth it when you think about the time it saves you in the long run. Here are just a few of the great things SocialBro can do to help you manage and build your Twitter following.

  • Shows you people who do not follow you back for list clean up
  • Shows you a list of your most influential followers
  • Shows you a list of your most active followers
  • Allows you to track hashtags and keywords
  • Tells you the best times of day to Tweet
  • You can automate Tweets using rules
  • You can search Tweets with an added geo-location accuracy


Monitoring hashtags is an important part of building your following on Twitter. It allows you to take part in relevant conversations and meet new people online who want to be part of your growing network and take notice of you.

Sign up to Tagboard for free using Twitter or Facebook and create a new Tagboard by typing in your chosen hashtag. Something like #socialmedia will come up like this.

Tagboard has pulled all of the conversation happening right now using this hashtag. You can also use this tool to discover what hashtags are good or bad to use in your day to day updating. Using good hashtags means more people will notice you and join in with your conversation.

Circle Count

Circle Count is your friendly Google + tool. I use Circle Count to find out who is up and coming on Google +, what communities I can be a part of and how popular people are.

You can also search for top people who are related to a certain tag. I searched for SEO and found that these are the top people to follow in that category.

You can even add a Circle Count chrome extension which gives you users circle stats straight from Google +


Klout has been measuring social influence for a while now and has gained a lot of popularity in doing so. By logging into Klout and syncing all of your accounts, Klout will use statistics like your likes, mentions and follows to give you a score between 1-100 on social media influence.

Having the Klout chrome extension will also show all of the Klout scores of people in your Twitter feed. This will help you to decide who to focus your efforts on when starting a conversation. Having people with a higher influence talk to you means you build your influence quicker.

You can even use Klout to schedule posts and explore topics or posts.

So you now have a few tools to help you speed up your follower strategy and grow your social audience. I would love to hear your thoughts on how you get on using these and what challenges you face when building an online audience.

You can also fill in our online survey, results will be made into an eBook which you will have access to!