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Add Value to Your Audience with Content

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on December 18, 2014, No Comments
add value to your audience with content

How do you add value to your content marketing strategy without boring your audience? If you’re beginning to see a dwindling readership or perhaps you are sharing your content on social media and no one is biting. In this blog post I offer some tips and advice on how to share and promote your content to get the most engagement back. HINT – it’s all about your audience.

Content that adds value

In order to gain more contacts and have conversation with those contacts, you need great content. If you don’t believe me, check out our YouTube video of Jonnie Jensen explaining our 3 core principles! There really is no point in posting content for content’s sake. It has to be engaging, interesting or helpful in the eyes of your target audience. There is absolutely no point in posting irrelevant content, especially if it is not in any way interesting or click-worthy.

To provide content that can attract and retain interest in your target audience, you need to add value to them in a variety of ways. You can provide them with a useful resource, for example a link to a tool they can use in their day to day life. It could be a piece of expert advice in the area they specialize in or are interested in your company for. Lastly, the content could entertain them, so long as it is in some way related to your business and not a “funny cats” video!

Share ALL you know

Don’t be shy! If you know something really cool or something amazing, share it! If you think your audience would love to hear about this amazing bit of advice, story or resource, why would you hold it back? Think about it as if you are showing your target audience that you are great at what you do. If you are showing them what you know in your content currently, show them that you knowledge is BRILLIANT in your content. By sharing what you know, you add value to your audience. Your audience can recognize that you are well informed in your area.

The best thing about sharing all you know is that you will one day run out of things to share. When this happens, it’s time to get excited. You can do 2 things:

  1. Re post your old content! If you spent time on it before, it should still be good enough. Just watch out, you don’t want to post old news that could be out of date. Read it back first!
  2. Learn more! If you want to share everything, you need to know things first.

Once you start to learn more, you are both learning yourself and then helping our audience learn with you. People love a journey. If you can make it feel like you are going on a journey to find out more and more in your area and take them along with you, you can also maintain loyal fans and customers.

Share it in different ways

Don’t just share your ideas in one medium, use different mediums and share it in different places. Look for your audience on your LinkedIn profile, through your blog, on YouTube and using images.

People have different ways they consume content and by providing different formats you can share your ideas with the world.

You may have heard this being called content recycling. You can use the same content 100 different ways if you’re clever. Don’t just write it and share it, continue to share it, change it and display it in different ways until the messag has sunk in.

Communities in Google Plus: What To Look For When Joining Them

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on December 16, 2014, No Comments
google plus communities

Google Plus is great for getting involved in Communities and engaging with other users. Whether it is professional or for personal use, posting into a Community and engaging with other people’s posts can help you gain followers. You can build relationships with specific Communities and users within a Community as you become more familiar with each other. But it’s not always as easy as this. When we join a new Community, there are a number of things we should look for to help make sure that we are joining a good Community.  

Request to Join

A good way to tell if a Community you join is well moderated well is to find one that you must request to join. These Communities are moderated by an Admin who receives a notification when a new users has requested to join. They can then look at this user’s profile and decide to accept or decline. They might decide to accept or decline based on your profile information or recent content. If you want to join a Brain Surgeon Community and your content and profile information suggests you are a Lorry Driver, you may not be accepted. This type of Community can narrow down the number of users posting into the Community. You can generally hope that the posts will be more relevant this way.

Content Categories in Communities

Communities can now force a user who is posting into it to pick a category to define what their post is about. As an example, lets follow on from my earlier example of a Brain Surgeon Community. The Admin user may have set up 3 categories that every post in the Community has to be posted into. The idea of this is to separate and make searching the kind of content you want to find in the Community easier. They may create  ”Experiences”, “Career Advice” and “Qualifications” categories. These categories could be used to share experiences within the profession, share career tips and advice for getting into and more senior in the profession.  The last category could be for discussion on the Qualifications needed to be a Brain Surgeon.
Hypothetically, every post that users in the Community post should fall under one of the categories set by the Admin. Sometimes this is not the case, you do get the occasional Community that is obviously not well moderated. The posts in each category are not as you would first imagine they would be. This is why i would suggest you join Communities that have to be requested before you join them. Doing this largely cuts this problem out of the equation.

Users and Content

The main attraction to joining a Community (for me at least) is the potential to engage with other users. If the users in the Community you want to join are  posting similar content to you, this is a good sign. If your looking at the content posted recently and wondering what it means or it’s too basic, it is probably best to avoid this one. It’s not about spamming Communities. Your efforts are much better spent finding and then using a good Community. One relevant to you. You should find that the results in terms of engagement and interaction are far better this way.