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Before we got to talking about tactics and broadening our understanding of the lexicon of SM, he rightly spent time helping us to devise a strategy. Once we had this clarity the tactics were relatively simple to understand and put into action. The upshot is…

Paul Handleigh, MD youTalk-insurance

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How to Find Awesome Guest Blogging Opportunities in 7 Steps

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on October 1, 2015, No Comments
How to Find Awesome Guest Blogging Opportunities in 6 Steps

Guest blogging is a good opportunity to put the right people in your business on the map as thought leaders and experts in their field. It creates backlinks back to your websites and established authority when done right. But the real question is how do you secure those really awesome guest blogging opportunities?

If you’re looking for a guest blogging opportunity with Live And Social we look for writers in a variety of fields from finance, digital, email marketing, design, creative careers, recruitment, executive level, media, PR and more. To apply visit our website here. 

Have your own blog

The number one way to find a guest blogging opportunity is to have your own blog. Use the sidebar to promote the fact that you guest blog. People will visit your blog, see that you’re an expert in a particular field and your call-to-action will give them an easy way to contact you about their opportunity.

Be active on social media

An expert who is also active on social media has extra benefits. A company will see your followers and instantly like you because they know you have a large following. When your blog is published a business will need help in promoting it and by giving it a few tweets yourself you can help them amplify their content.

Sign up to guest blog sites

Look for endless amounts of guest blogging opportunities posted onto sites like MyGuestBlog, Guestr and BloggerLinkUp.

Use Google to find opportunities

Try using your industry keyword and one of the following phrases from Neil Patel.

  • “submission guidelines”
  • “guest post guidelines”
  • “accepting guest posts”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “submit content”
  • “guest post”
  • “want to write”
  • “write for us”
  • “add a post”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “guest post by”
  • “submit your post”
I did tried a search and it came up with a few opportunities on website’s I wouldn’t have previously guessed.
how to find awesome guest blog opportunities

Use Twitter advanced search to find opportunities

Using the same keywords and formula as you did in your Google search, make the same search query into Twitter and see who is talking about needing guest bloggers. The search below was simply for anyone who posted an update including the phrase “looking for a guest blogger”. As I scrolled down I noticed not everything was in my field so if I wanted to narrow the search I could go for “looking for a guest blogger” AND “social media” as a search for anyone who uses both phrases in one Tweet.

The results for this produced more accurate findings but less frequent. Make sure to click on the ‘Live’ tab when you have completed your search to find the most recent updates.

guest blogging Twitter advanced search

Create a list of top sites

When you’re looking for guest blogging opportunities it’s a good idea to write a list of the top places in your industry. Start with a list of the top sites you want to blog for and then do a search on Google to find out where the most influential people in your industry are blogging. Google their names and you will quickly find their guest posts. In the image below I search for a top influencer name and you can see where I have found his guest blog in red.

how to find awesome guest blog opportunities

Send a pitch

When sending a pitch to a website that accepts open submission you need to make sure that you follow the guidelines and create something awesome for them. For sites that don’t you need to find a person to contact in that organisation so you can request to submit content for their website.

Once you have shown that you are an expert on your own field and that you are an influencer with your own audience then finding the opportunity and pitching it becomes an easy task. The better you are at talking about your industry and being an influencer, the more and more guest blog opportunities will come to you. But make sure to advertise that you are a guest blogger on your blog, email signature and wherever else you can.

Have any ideas on finding a guest blogging opportunity that I didn’t share here? Let me know about it in the comments or on Twitter @MyCreative_UK

Twitter Tips to Show Love to Your Top Fans

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on September 29, 2015, No Comments
Twitter Tips to Show Love to Your Top Fans

Any brand who is trying to get a return on investment for their social media efforts will need to develop relationships with their most important followers. Developing a personal relationship with your prospects and customers is a great way to increase your brand sentiment and sell online. But to do this you have to show love to your fans.

Tag them in images

One way to show appreciation to your fans and followers is to tag them in image tweets. Here’s an example below.

Twitter Tips to Show Love to Your Top Fans 1

I share images like this once a week roughly so that my followers and fans know I remember them and want to continue our relationship. You don’t have to tag every single person, but it’s nice to remind people who take the time to engage with you that you appreciate it.

If they don’t feel appreciated they may well stop engaging with you. Fans on social media are worth their weight in gold. They can feel great to have on your side to begin with, but if you take them for granted you can lose them. Only when you lose them do you appreciate how important they are. That’s why you need to do as much as you can to make them feel appreciated!

If you want to create your own images for social media check out the tools that our Founder, Jonnie Jensen recommended in this blog post.

Mention fans in posts they will love

Once you know what kind of content your fans want from you, you can share or ‘quote tweet’ the post and @mention them saying “@fan you’d love this!” or introduce them to the post.

You could also invite them to share their opinion. I was recently asked a question about social recruitment and know a company that engage with our posts on Twitter who would have a good opinion on the topic. I invited them into the conversation by responding to the tweet and @mentioning them, asking them to give their input. They responded and kept the conversation going, this was a way of showing that I know who they are, what they do and want to get them engaged in conversation both with me and others.

This way you can continuously add value to your fans. This will show your fans some love and help them to learn and be up to date with the latest.

Fans list

Create a Twitter list and add people who love what you share to it. You could create a list for:

“Awesome people who love(topic X)”
“Our favourite people in (X industry)”

Doing this will further show your appreciation of the love your fans show. Adding them to these lists will publicly show your appreciation.

What’s more, you can use these lists to engage with your top fans. I have Hootsuite streams that monitor our Twitter lists. This makes it easy for me to engage with these lists as well as see what people are sharing within them.

Engage with their posts

Once you have added someone to your lists, you should check their profile when you can and engage with their tweets. Make sure that the tweets you interact with are relevant to you, or if you just want to show you are engaging with them you can just favourite one or two of their tweets. This will give them an indication that you are keeping an eye on what they are doing and are taking an interest in what they share.

What did you think of this Twitter tip? What other Twitter tips do you have for showing love to your Twitter fans? Don’t forget to share this blog post on your own social media channels.twitter tips to show love to your top fans.