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Hashtag Swapping: A Clever Instagram Engagement Trick

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on November 25, 2014, No Comments
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I was talking to our guest blogger Cameron Norris on the 4:17 train from Gravesend to Maidstone Barracks and he gave me time to understand what hashtag swapping was and how to do it. With a recent change that Instagram have made to their app, you can now edit the caption and tagged people in a post on your account. This means that you can go in and change the caption and add to or delete it. With using hashtags a post reaches the top of the pile of posts with that specific hashtag but if it is a popular hashtag, quickly disappears down the pile. We have found out about a clever trick to get more engagement on your Instagram posts by using hashtags differently! Find out more by reading this blog. 

New Caption Editing Capabilities

Instagram have made a small but influential change to their app. Users can now go back to a post on their profile and edit the caption and users tagged in the photo. This might sound like a helpful feature if you make a spelling mistake in the caption, but you can make a lot more of this than just that. Hashtags on Instagram are commonly known for being a medium for getting your photo seen by more users, a way to get some more engagement and followers. With this new feature, you can utilize hashtags on Instagram even more now, and here’s how…

Swapping Hashtags

As an example, lets imagine that you have just posted an image of a product you have just produced, it’s a piece of jewelry. You take a picture of the piece, upload it to your account and put “I just made this! #jewellery” as the caption and share it. At the time I searched this hashtag, 2,541,444 posts proceeded any post I might add to this hashtag. As you can imagine, any new posts with this hashtag can quickly become lost, a needle in a haystack. And a very, very big haystack at that.

But there is a way to beat being lost after just seconds at the top of the pile. Once you have uploaded a post and it has been online for about 20 minutes you can hashtag swap. By this, I mean go to edit the caption and remove the hashtag. Save the update in the caption and allow the post to update in your home feed, make sure that the hashtag has been removed from the post. After leaving the post as it is for 5 minutes, go back to edit the caption and add the hashtag back into the caption and save it.  Save and make sure that the hashtag appears in the post on your home feed. It’s worth pointing out that you can do this with more than one hashtag at a time, you could copy as many hashtags as you want to use in one go and swap them all but copy and pasting them in and out of the caption.


hashtag swapping

Hashtag Swapping

Hashtag Swapping Instagram

What Does This Achieve?

By adding a hashtag, removing it and then finally reading it you effectively re-add your post to the top of the list of posts using a certain hashtag. To properly understand this, imagine Instagram did not allow users to post a caption before they posted their image onto their account. You would have to go and edit the caption after uploading it and then the post would show in the hashtag streams it matches. To reach the top of a list in a hashtag stream, your post must be the most recent post with that hashtag. So by removing and then re-adding the hashtags you want to use in your image, you make your post the most recent post to use a certain hashtag. This applies even if you posted your image 2 years ago, or 2 seconds ago.

Please tell us what you think of this! Leave a comment if you tried this and it worked or if you have a question! I also want to know if you would use this tactic. Is it worth your time? 

Rooms By Facebook Inc: What’s It All About?

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on November 20, 2014, No Comments

You may have heard of a new app called Rooms created by Facebook, but what does it do and why would it interest anybody? How does it work? I have been using and researching Rooms and have written this blog to help you understand why you should download the app and use Rooms!

What is Rooms?

Facebook Inc has launched a new app called Rooms and at this early stage in it’s life, it is taking off nicely. It’s a new platform based on Facebook‘s Like and Comment system. But instead of adding friends and posting status updates for everyone or certain groups to see, you can join a Room full of people who choose to be in that conversation and add to the conversation. Any user of Rooms can create their own Room. You can make a Room for any purpose, whether to discuss local debates or to share pictures and links with a group of friends. To get other people to join your Room, you need to share an image of a bar code that Rooms creates for your Room specifically. You can share it on any social media channel by saving the image and posting it yourself or email it to contacts, send via message or even print the bar code image.

Once a new user joins your Room, you can control the Room by moderating the posts and members of it. A new user can access the Room without a username or any proof of who they are, but can opt to add a nickname and when they post must add a nickname. However, there is no justification of if this nickname is the real name of the person posting under it, so there is an anonymity to Rooms. The idea behind this is to allow users to feel free in their activity on the platform, within reason of course. The app is still policed by Facebook to filter the type of content that could cause controversy.  The creator and specified moderators can allow or block a post if the settings are made so that a post must be accepted before it goes live.

Why should I use Rooms?

If you are looking to be involved in communities that you can choose your involvement in, share knowledge and experiences with other users and to find out new things about the things you love, Rooms is for you. If you want to find out about marketing, cars or London venues, you can find a room for this and if there is not one, create it! The Rooms that are created and can be created are highly share able and have the potential to become highly populated. You can gain knowledge, connections and solve problems in both yours and others’ lives by engaging with one-another on Rooms.

Join us on Rooms!

Join our Room to discuss your knowledge and experiences with the app, share stories and other Rooms that you think we should join!

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