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How to Drive 4X More Instagram Traffic to Your Website

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on April 21, 2016, No Comments
How to Drive 4X More Instagram Traffic to Your Website

Instagram notoriously makes life hard for marketers trying to drive traffic from the app/site to their website. The only click-able link you will find on Instagram will be in your profile, not in posts or anywhere else. But what do we gain from building a community on Instagram without driving them to our site to convert sales? What’s the use of trying to drive traffic to your site without knowing where they came from? In this blog post I detail how I’ve quadrupled our Instagram traffic, in one month. Read on…

Instagram traffic is all about “link in bio”

Trust me, I’ve tried every single way it’s possible to drive traffic from Instagram. My findings show that the link in the bio method works far, far better.

I have tried calls to action using customised bitly links in the post caption that are easy to type, in the hope users would type the link into their browser. I’ve tried calls to actions to read a blog post without the link at all but then the blog traffic is not measurable. There are only a couple of other ways you can drive Instagram traffic and they are very menial and hard work for little return.

Share blog posts

It’s easy to use Canva to create eye catching and striking posts for any social network. Instagram is one of those and for every blog post we share I promote it on Instagram.

My process is to use the featured image as the background of the post, put the title of the post at the top of the image and put our logo on the bottom right corner. Simple.

Once you’ve done that use Pushbullet, a desktop to phone (and vice versa) file sharing app. This is an easy way to send the link to the blog post and the image file to yourself. Alternatively you could email yourself, but I prefer Pushbullet.

You won’t drive much Instagram traffic to your site if you’re not sharing blog posts. They are the most interesting things your site has, in the eyes of a random person who’s never heard of your company before. Why would they be interested in looking at your site for no reason? They wouldn’t, which is why adding value through sharing a blog post will drive Instagram traffic to your site.

One post is a drop in the ocean

I dread to even think how many posts are shared per minute on Instagram. But one thing is for sure, it’s a lot of posts and you need to do something a little different to get seen and taken notice of. One way to do it is to post more than once. It sounds rally simple but it is effective.

If you have one post on Instagram directing people to your blog post, how many people will see it? It should be 3 times as many if you share 3 images promoting it. That gives you the best chance of driving more Instagram traffic.

Again, Canva is great for doing this or I use Typorama which is a brilliant quote creating app. Create a series of images and quotes that are different but talk about a similar theme to your blog post. In the caption direct people to your blog post, use the quote to get them thinking and the caption to drive them to you.

My Instagram traffic driving strategy is to post 3 times with the ideas above, 3 posts talking about a similar theme to the blog post with a CTA to the post.

Build a real community

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to build a real community of people who are interested in what you do than try and get random new people interested in you. Building a community is the way to make sure you get regular people on your site and engaging with your posts, maybe even sharing them themselves. People who really are interested in your company and work will actually go out of their way to read your blog post, look at what you’ve been doing etc. It’s these people who viewed my blog posts before when I tried different Instagram traffic driving methods. You’ll only make life easier for them to come to your site if you use the link in the bio method and you’ve built up a large community.

Hashtag appropriately

Don’t rely only on your existing audience though, when posting on Instagram you should always use hashtags to grow your audience and get more engagement. Don;t just throw in random hashtags that are not relevant to the blog post though, make sure you explore new ones first. Use Iconosquare to find good hashtags before posting. This will give you the best chance of being found, seen, liked, engaged and then driving Instagram traffic from your post.


The proof is here in the pudding, take a look at our Google Analytics screenshot for Instagram traffic over the past few months.

If you and your team need better digital skills to do work like this get in touch with us. You can reach us at alive@liveandsocial.com or call 0845 287 1181.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities: Social Advertising

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on April 19, 2016, No Comments
Marketing Manager Responsibilities Social Advertising

I know through experience of working with clients from a range of sectors that the marketing manager often has to lend a hand where it’s needed. It’s often all hands on deck, so to speak for marketing managers. As part of my marketing manager responsibilities series I’m looking at how social advertising fits into the modern marketing manager’s role and to what extent they should be involved in it. Click here for more…

Marketing manager responsibilities include everything, sort of

If your marketing team is structured properly the marketing manager will have 3 social media team members working with them. The social customer services person shouldn’t be very involved in social advertising unless they have a lot of knowledge in the area. It’s going to be more work for the digital communications manager and perhaps the community manager.

The marketing manager should of course be working on all aspects of marketing but not have to do it all, of course the reason they have team members alongside them. Working with the digital communications manager they can explain the goals of the advertising campaign and what should be achieved. The digital communications manager should feel comfortable doing this and can report back to the marketing manager, so in actual fact it’s not the marketing manager’s job to do any social advertising.

Of course if your team has a different structure the marketing manager might have to do this work. I believe it’s not an immediate part of marketing manager responsibilities, it can be but ideally it’s not as there are important roles that can support the marketing manager. The digital communications manager can cover this work and of course do email marketing and lots of other work, but where social advertising is concerned they are better skilled. They are more practised and knowledgeable on social advertising.

Social Advertising is a big area to cover

Social advertising is a big topic and there are always new ways to get more for your money, reach people and best practices to follow. This is a lot to keep on top of for social advertising specialists, let alone a marketing manager who needs to keep on op of a lot of other areas too.

This goes a long way towards why I believe a digital communications manager is vital for a marketing manager to be able to keep their focus on areas they know more about and can oversee projects rather than try to complete them all.

With social advertising, people often think only of Facebook advertising. They have a good reason to, Facebook is better known for it’s advertising than other social networks but that does not mean you should forget about them

LinkedIn advertising is known for it’s relatively low return on investment, and Twitter advertising is quite basic in some ways. But why advertise on Facebook if your audience are not using it? You’d be surprised how many companies just take it as par for the course that if you’r advertising on social that means Facebook only. Again, this is part of the marketing manager’s job to realise this and then feed to the digital communications manager so they can create ads and serve them to the right people at the right time and on the right networks.

Team work is key for social advertising success

As with working in any team where there are variations in skills and knowledge levels, team work is absolutely vital. Communicating the goals and specifics of social advertising is highly important, if you don’t do it well you will waste money and not get the results you want. I don’t think taking on a task alone when you have colleagues working on similar things is clever and certainly not when your marketing manager should know a fair amount about what you’re doing.

Part of good teamwork of course is leadership and delegation which is why, as an emerging theme here the structure of your marketing team is beyond vital. If you can’t delegate because the structure isn’t in place you will not be as productive or see as good results.

The clue is in the job title. Marketing manager – manage marketing.

Digital communications manager – manage digital communications.

If you need training to boost the digital skills within your team get in touch with us. You can reach us at alive@liveandsocial.com or call 0845 287 1181