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Digitally competent businesses make more money

You are busy tweeting, blogging and trying to connect. You have invested in some tools and services.
You’ve hired an agency and recruited in-house. You are active but not getting the results you want.
You are on the journey but your business is not set up right or getting the right support. This is the problem that Live And Social solve.

Introducing Live And Social…

Live And Social is a digital business specialist. Founded in 2009, our digital growth strategies help drive sales for your business.

We help businesses understand and benefit from content marketing, social media and marketing automation.

We are a Hubspot agency partner and will ensure your website has an increase in visits, with more leads and data to help you close deals quicker.

We are committed to clients understanding digital marketing and social media better and so provide a full Digital Skills Training Academy to help your business increase its skill levels.

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Achieving the growth you want

Digital marketing, content and social media tools can help you beat your competitors but you need the right strategy, culture and support. Live And Social give your business this.

To achieve the desired growth we take you through our three stages of digital transformation – Present, Active and Growth.

Across your business, from boardroom to reception Live and Social will lead you. Once in ‘Growth’ your business will have the strategy, culture and technology to drive revenues and outperform your competitors. This is the market leader advantage.

How we achieve your digital transformation

1. Strategy

We create an effective digital strategy aligned with your business goals and objectives.

1. Strategy

This is championed by leaders and supported throughout your company.

2. Training

More than just social media training, we’ll work together to build the digital competence and skills of your team.

2. Training

Digital skills are vital to your growth and success in sales, HR, customer service and marketing.

3. Marketing

Our marketing support service ensures you get the work done and optimised to the highest possible standards.

3. Marketing

We’re here to help develop your new skills, increase your resource and manage your digital marketing activity.

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Live And Social know the challenges that businesses face in embracing digital technology and marketing. Your Digital Business Score will help you identify where your business is succeeding and where it is falling short, digitally. The free personalised report which will be sent to you with your score will highlight what you need to do hit the Growth Stage and achieve the Market Leader Advantage.

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Is your business ready for us?

We work with growth businesses in the financial service and recruitment sectors. If you are not in those sectors but really want to work with us then feel free to ask. You could work with Live And Social if you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions:

  • You need to increase leads and sales in your business
  • You want your website to be more effective but don’t know how
  • Your blog, email marketing and social media is not delivering results
  • You are not getting the best from your Hubspot or other digital marketing tools
  • You need business leaders to support digital activity
  • Your competitors are out perfoming you online
  • Your marketing agency does not deliver the results you expect online
  • You want a digitally competent team who are helping grow your business

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