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We have worked with Jonnie since 2010. His vision and insights helped define a strategy which has steered the training and daily activity of our 20 strong team of recruitment consultants. Since the launch of the new website these actions have translated into…

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Celebrating International Women’s Day in Digital Marketing

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on March 6, 2015, No Comments
Celebrating International Women's Day in Digital Marketing

I recently read an article in Management Today about the rise of the wealthy woman. According to HMRC the number of women earning over 1M grew by 29% in just one year. That’s a startling statistic but you wouldn’t be impressed by the graph that accompanies it.

International Women's Day

Source: Management Today

As you can see there was still a huge disparity between male and female earnings in 2012. It isn’t everyday that a women gets a chair on the board of executives or manages to get more than 1M in earnings. But even with this unequal footing there has been a few women who I think have really changed the face of digital marketing. In no particular order…

International Women’s Day is being celebrated this Sunday 8th March. The UN has chosen the 2015 Women’s Day theme to be: ‘Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture it!’ You can join the conversation at #makeithappen

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the current state of women’s equality and what you have noticed in the field of marketing. Have you had any experience of struggling the world of digital as a women?

Aligning Your Blog Images With Your Pinterest Strategy

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on March 5, 2015, No Comments
Aligning Your Blog Images With Your Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest isn’t just for random images you find all over the web…or in the case of B2B users, marketing images and infographics. Pinterest is a great way to promote and share your blog posts to your audience. With so many people using Pinterest today (70 million people in fact) you can use this platform to increase your blog traffic and referral traffic really easily. Here’s how.

Adapt Your Strategy

The idea is very simple. The only thing you need to do is to upload the Featured Images from your blog onto your brand Pinterest account. Easy.

The bulk of the work is in the planning and strategy. You need to search Pinterest for the people and posts that are similar to the blog titles you publish. Identify what kind of themes they use in their images. Remember that if you are going to publish your blog images on Pinterest, it must look good. Further than that, nobody is going to want to see a plain image. It has to be interesting, engaging but still relevant to your blog and business. This is where the thinking and planning comes in.

Once you have identified the type of themes your new blog images will be following, you need to start using these types of images in your upcoming blog posts. Once you have started to use the new theme you have chosen for your Featured Images you can then think about Pinterest!

Remember that if you created an Infographic, this would be PERFECT to share on Pinterest.

Alternatively, you could use Pinterest to find Infographics that you could evaluate in your blog and engage with the users who talk about it.

Pinterest Board Set Up

So I’m going to assume that you have already got a brand Pinterest account set up…

Aside from your other Boards, you could add new ones. It is your decision how you go about this. For instance, you could set up multiple Boards reflecting the names of your blog categories. Or you could make one Board with a generalised title and then post all of the images into that one Board. Whichever would work best for your Business. It would mostly depend on the type of business you are, what your chosen categories are and how broad they are. If the categories you blog about are very broad and completely separate, you would probably be best to create separate Boards. If your business is in a niche market, your categories may be more refined and similar, perhaps you don’t need to create more than one Board.

Social Sharing and Backlinks

Now for the exciting bit…

You could do a lot of things with your new Pinterest posts! You can include a link to your blog in the descriptions. You could include hashtags to broaden your audience. You can get involved in discussions with other users. You can share the pin onto your other social media channels and furhter publicise the blog and the image in one go.

Once you have started to do all of these things (or even some) you may well notice a rise in your website traffic. Your social channels might start to get more followers. The average views on your blogs could increase.

This is where it is important to use UTM tracking codes to help identify where the traffic came from. You can track this in Google Analytics! You can find out more about that next stage here by reading this blog by our Founder Jonnie JensenThe Importance Of Tracking Visitors On Your Website