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We have worked with Jonnie for a number of years.  Jonnie and Live+Social successfully helped Alium recreate our quarterly email newsletter with a new focus, direction and tone which has resulted in improved traction and continuous and increasingly positive…

Katherine Corden, Marketing Manager Alium Partners

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Live And Social Face to Face in the Community

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on September 18, 2014, No Comments
Live And Social at Jubilee Garden Project (10)

Live And Social have decided to take Community Management literally out into the community. For one day per quarter our team will be helping out on a community project in Maidstone.

For our first effort we went out to help Jubilee Church tidy up a recently acquired property and land which is going to be converted into a community space. First off though there was 3 years of overgrown garden to cut back.

Our MD & Founder Jonnie Jensen brought along Natasha and myself plus a boot full of garden tools to help clear the land and help the team on site. Don’t you think that Jonnie looks rather good with his Live And Social T shirt on here?

Why Jubilee Church Project?

Jonnie Jensen at Jubilee Garden Project

Live And Social will be helping people and organisations who are trying to make a difference in Maidstone. We met up with Neil Patterson and his team from Jubilee Church, a resource church with various projects happening in the community. As Jonnie is a regular at Jubilee Church he has participated in Celebrate Maidstone and Love Maidstone and knew this new project was also something they needed help with.

What Did We Do To Help

We started by clearing all of the cut off shrubbery and branches that the Jubilee team had cut down with their industrial hedge cutters. The need for a skip was quickly apparent but it had failed to arrive at 9am as promised. Without this cut back wilderness had filled the spare space on the plot, so we retired for a short break with a can of fizzy drink and a chat .

As we continued past the break, we excavated 3 benches from a wealth of branch and bush, clearing the paving of weeds and any cut off branches. For our efforts the Jubilee team kindly ordered buckets of KFC, which of course we reluctantly accepted, being polite you see. As the van left to go and get the food, the skip came so we began organising the debris into what could and could not be put into it. Like any good building crew it was then time for another tea break, plus this time a leg of KFC.

After lunch and tales of crossing Africa in Land Rovers with the Jubilee team, we headed back to the office.

The Team At Work

The Jubilee Garden Project Team

Garden cleaning at Jubilee Garden Project


Save Time On LinkedIn With Personalised Messages

Posted by Jonnie Jensen, under , on September 16, 2014, No Comments


One of the things I say to all my clients about using social media is “I want you to be effective and efficient, so you can enjoy using social media”. It’s crucial to success that we have all the fundamental elements prepared before we do the work that builds on that. Like a chef would prep his veg in the morning so as to speed up the work when creating the dish during service hours, these LinkedIn pre-prepared personalised messages will make growing your network on LinkedIn easier and more productive.

Having a large network on LinkedIn is vital. It is the access that you are granted to second level contacts that makes LinkedIn a powerful networking tool.

In real life terms think of this as the people your current clients and contacts introduce you to. If you don’t know many people in the first place then you can’t get introduced to lots of other people?

LinkedIn provides pretty much full access to your second level contacts even on the free version.

An extension to this theme is the value of being in groups. One of the options to connect with people you don’t know is when you share a group. If the other person allows invitations from shared group members then you can connect them openly in this way.

The Importance of Personalised Messages on LinkedIn

The difference between an average LinkedIn presence and an effective LinkedIn presence is simply in standing out.

Sending personalised messages is vital. You will likely be familiar with receiving the generic connection messsage. It screams that the person who sent it really has not given any thought to the value they could offer you in connecting.

Personalised Messages on LinkedIn - Invitation

Process for Personalising Invitation Messages

The challenge is on because you only have 300 characters. We have included a number of templates at the end of this post which will help you get started.

  1. Fully review the profile of the person you wish to connect with.
  2. Show that you are genuienly interested in being a connection with them by referencing the subjects they mention in their profile or better, share content about. Suggest why it will be of value to connect.
    • This relates back to why you are using LinkedIn and what value you want to add people. If all you care about is selling to people or headhunting then you will quickly find the holes in such a strategy.
  3. Include your contact details

Saving these as a series of templates will save you time and as you evolve the ones that work you will become more effective in connecting with new people.

LinkedIn Connection Templates

Recently Joined Connection Message

Dear {firstname},

I’ve recently joined LinkedIn and wanted to personally invite you to connect with me. In case you didn’t know LinkedIn is an internet networking site for professionals. If you are already a member you may have received an invite via LinkedIn already, if you are not a member then maybe I can help you join. There are literally millions of business people all over the World on it.

I’ve joined LinkedIn to help share my experiences with other people, to build new relationships and to learn from others. In doing this I’d like to think more business opportunities will come my way but I have learnt that too much selling is not good LinkedIn practice. Bit like face to face networking I suppose – makes people rather bored!

So, please click this link to see my profile and connect with me.


Just click the yellow connect button and use my email address (yourname@yourcompany.com) when asked how you know me. If you are not yet a member follow the instructions as prompted.

If you want any further help, just ask or have a look at the videos from the person who trained us.

Kind regards,

Your Name

Other Connection Messages


300 max character
I see as working through my emails today that we are not connected on LinkedIn – the joy of using Xobni.com. It would be my pleasure to connect and share on LinkedIn if you would accept this invitation.Kind regards,
Helping people and businesses use social media


I see we are 2nd level contacts on LinkedIn. Looking at your profile I believe there may be mutual benefit in connecting. I’ve met a lot of excellent people via LinkedIn and would like you to be part of that.Kind regards,
Helping people & businesses use social media


Hi,I see we share associates on LinkedIn. Looking at your profile I believe there may be mutual benefit in connecting. I’ve met a lot of excellent people via LinkedIn and would like you to be part of that.

Kind regards,
Helping people and businesses use social media



Hi,I’ve enjoyed your discussions in the XX Group. Looking at your profile I believe there may be mutual benefit in connecting. I’ve met a lot of excellent people via LinkedIn and would like you to be part of that.

Kind regards,
Helping people use social media



Hi,I see we are both connected to Timothy Monty on LinkedIn. Looking at your profile I believe there may be mutual benefit in connecting. I’ve met a lot of excellent people via LinkedIn and would like you to be part of that.

Kind regards,
Helping businesses use social media



Hi,Looking forward to working together on Monday. If you have any questions before then please feel free to contact me. Prior to the event it would be great to connect on LinkedIn with you.

Kind regards,



Hi,I’m using the ‘worked together’ option to contact you but appreciate this is not the case. Looking at your profile I believe there may be mutual benefit in connecting as I have a particular focus on your industry.

Kind regards,
Helping businesses use social media


I trust you are well. I noticed on LinkedIn today we are both connected to Sally. Her company is really interesting to me and I would be very grateful for an introduction and referral. Totally understand if you would like to talk about this personally.



Hi Sally,

I’ve asked Dave to introduce us. Dave and I have worked extensively in the past together. I believe we could provide a similar service to your company and would be keen to talk to you about how we could help you reduce your overheads.

As an initial step please accept this LinkedIn connection so you can have the opportunity to see some of the work I’m involved in the and the subjects I am passionate about.

Kind regards,



If you want to better train your staff in the power of LinkedIn, Live And Social have many bespoke training options available. Call us for an informal chat or contact us here for more information on our social media training.