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Rob Hughes, Events and PR Coordinator The Joseph Foote Trust

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Why Oktopost Is Campaign And Social Sharing Gold

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on April 30, 2015, No Comments
Why Oktopost Is Campaign And Social Sharing Gold

Oktopost is a tool I use a lot to ramp up the volume of social sharing and content recycling we do at Live And Social. It is built to help manage and distribute social media campaigns and updates quickly and efficiently. What more could you ask for? In this blog post I share with you some of my favourite aspects of Oktopost. 

Oktopost campaigns

One of the key features that sets Oktopost ahead of other social sharing tools is how it is so campaign orientated. It is designed to house multiple campaigns, different types of sharing and to different social media channels too. It can run all of these at the same time and I have to say, the layout makes this pretty simple to understand and work out what is what, it’s very clear.

There are 2 calendars within Oktopost. One inside of each campaign you set up which will display only the social updates within that campaign and then a master calendar. The master calendar will display every social update you have scheduled from every campaign. One clever part about how Oktopost that makes your life much easier is in the way you can choose a colour for each campaign. So if you want campaign 1 to be shown in red, you can select that in the settings, Once you have done this, you will be able to see the red updates in the master calendar will be from campaign 1. If you choose another colour for each of your other campaigns you can then clearly see what campaigns are running and at what times and dates.


When you manually enter a new social update, this is what Oktopost calls an Asset. Think of a social media update as an Asset to your campaign that can help you generate results.

You can manually enter new updates and they will be stored within the campaign you are working inside of. For example, if you have created a campaign to re share your company blog content you will be able to re select that same update again and again to share whenever you like because it is an Asset to that campaign.

To further simplify using Assets, Oktopost cleverly separates the social updates you create for each social network. When you want to schedule an update, you must first select a social network and profile to post the update to, so you can then only select an Asset previously used for that social network. Clever huh?

Oktopost will even save the image and URL you add to an Asset so that you can share images and URLs in your social updates quickly and easily. Believe me, this was not always a feature that Oktopost made available and if you wanted to schedule a lot of social updates in one go, it took a lot longer to add the images back to each update for every time I wanted to share it.

Heavy sharing

Using Assets does make sharing a lot of content to your social media channels very easy. I am continuously working on new ways to reshare our content via Oktopost. I have 2 times per day that share our “evergreen” content via Oktopost, this is set up within one campaign to allow re selecting the same Assets again later on very easy.

As well as this, I also share every blog post we share through Oktopost. You can add up to 25 social media profiles to your account, so we have added our team social profiles so that I share the blog via the brand and team social accounts. I have set this blog sharing campaign up seperately too so that it does not get mixed in with any other campaigns we are running. 

I have even set up another campaign very recently to help share our newest blog content again throughout the week and in the weeks to come. You can see how easy it is to share a lot of content via Oktopost now. This is merely 3 campaigns and a lot of content is shared through them, I have even carried out my day to day social sharing posting from Oktopost.


In many ways, Oktopost keeps it’s design, functions and layout very simple and clear which is why it is such a valuable tool. The campaigns clearly seperate everything within them. You can even set up a colour that each campaign will use to help you identify what posts are from which campaign in the calendar in Oktopost. Of course, you can see a calendar inside each campaign which only displays the updates from that campaign.

Using Assets is a fantastic way to re use the same social updates. Imagine how long it would take to share 50 blog posts multiple times and schedule the updates out of another social media scheduling too! This is a really clever way of organizing what updates you have already used and can then re use should you want to.

If you would like to know more about Oktopost and how Live And Social can help you use it call us for a chat on 08452781181. You can also reach us on Twitter by getting in touch with @LiveandSocial or emailing alive@liveandsocial.com

Recruitment Social Media: Why Your Social Media Manager Needs Writing Skills

Posted by Ollie Whitfield, under , on April 28, 2015, No Comments
Recruitment Social Media Why Your Social Media Manager Needs Writing Skills

In recruitment, there is a huge results based culture. Consultants work around targets and bonus incentives to place candidates into roles and get their fee. But because of this, you could say that the idea of social media slightly opposes the mindset of recruiters. We believe that recruitment consultants can become the Pied Pipers of their industry and sector, they just need to take on the time and idea of being social and integrate it with their targets.

A Social Media Manager in the recruitment industry would have a different focus. They must share job roles, attract and maintain new fans and prospects and represent the brand. In marketing there is always an end result and analysis to be carried out on any work, but social media takes time and this is just part of the parcel you have to take on and accept. So in a sense, there is less results pressure on this role. This allows a person in this role to adapt and experiment, maybe express their creative side and show unique and individual talents off to benefit the brand. After all, if Shakespeare worked for your company, would you hide his talents? We’d hope you would want to give him the chance to show it to the world.

Social Media Manager techniques

With my experience of social media sharing and management, using language techniques to attract and draw attention to your updates is perhaps an understated idea. You do not need a degree in creative writing or qualifications in English and language techniques, but just exercise some creativity. For instance, one easy technique to use to get more attention and therefore engagement is to use a “rule of 3″. Simply describe something in your update with 3 describing words. As an example, you might be talking about social media updates. You could use words like creative, innovative, indifferent, individual or unique to describe how you’d like your updates to stand out from others.

Alternatively you could use some alliteration. Use words beginning with the same letter to make the update read nicely and sound remember able, even remarkable. This way you will get more attention, engagement and hopefully even more engagement as a result.

Headline creativity

How many tweets do you see that are very similar to “#job in London – ____ role ___K”? How many seconds would you take to stop and read this tweet? I’m assuming not very many if at all. I find with social media sharing that if you share a “headline”, not as many people will be interested in reading your tweet. It seems lazy or automated, not cared for and worth taking time over.

Using a bit of nous you can easily write a nicer update than this generic, uninspiring tweet. For example, use Rite Tag, the Chrome plugin and analyse your hashtags. You will see that #job is overused and therefore your tweet will be merely one in a jungle of generic tweets. The odds of a job seeker actually reading these tweets and then picking yours out are very, very slim. What should you do? Get creative, work around it. Is your audience going to search #job? Would they be more likely to search for their location or a place like #London? Although #London is a popular hashtag too, other towns and cities will narrow down the search results and will be more specific.

That didn’t take a lot of thought, just a little bit of thinking about how to be different from the pack.


It’s highly likely as a social media manager you would be writing some form of content regularly unless your company outsources it’s content work. Even if you don’t feel as though writing and creative writing in particular are your strong points, there are simple and effective ways to overcome it and produce rocking content. Luckily for me, I like writing. But I know that it’s not everybody’s idea of a great time. A simple way to generate easy, ready made content is to jot down processes or new things you learn or find out. For example, at Live And Social we are creating a lot of process documents to make going about common tasks easier, quicker and more efficient than before. If you learn something that you could share to your audience, simply jotting down the key points and interesting ideas about it can help you.

If you do like writing or have no issues with blogging, this really is the area to show off what you can do and make your brand travel the extra mile. There is such a thing as a bad blog post, so just taking your time and making sure your creative efforts are something you are pleased and proud to attribute to your name, let alone your brand too will always be a good thing. If anything, using your creative side in blogging can lift the company blog somewhat if the other contributors are not as creative.