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We have worked with Jonnie for a number of years.  Jonnie and Live+Social successfully helped Alium recreate our quarterly email newsletter with a new focus, direction and tone which has resulted in improved traction and continuous and increasingly positive…

Katherine Corden, Marketing Manager Alium Partners

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How to Write A Brief for Video Editing

Posted by Anthony Stretten, under , on October 23, 2014, No Comments
video editing final

I’ve experienced a few projects where we work with our partner video producers to create amazing YouTube video content for our clients. When the video is being taken and put together afterwards, producers already have an image in their head of the end result. They may have even shared this with you in a storyboard. In some circumstances you may not need to hire a production team to come down and film for a day. You might want to shoot the video yourself and handover to the production team for editing. An example would be when you have an ad-hoc opportunity that you don’t want to let go of, like having an industry influencer pop into the office one morning.

At Live And Social we work with video producers quite often and find that their process is strict and regimented, probably the reason for their amazing results. Great quality videos are always good to have on your channel, especially if they are lead generating or thought provoking. But videos don’t always have to be perfectly produced and when you apply a mixture on your channel you give your audience a flavour for your professional production qualities while also touching on a more ‘real’ and honest style with your home-made videos.

The thing about home-made videos is that they shouldn’t be uploaded onto YouTube as RAW footage. Once they are on your channel you should have an awareness of front and end slates, thumbnails and transcripts. What do you want and how do you want it?

Home made videos still need a little love and care from the experts to make them into something that will get the shares and attention it deserves. But how do you go about briefing a producer when you already have the video? Here’s a few tips.

Know the end result

You took that video for a reason, what was it? What value did you feel it would have for your business? It’s important for the producer to know the question -why. In knowing this they can tailor the edit to get the best possible outcome.

Knowing what to say

When talking about the video files it’s also important to give each point in reference to the name of the file you are talking about and the amount of seconds into the video. If you have a ten minute video and you talk about something happening at eight minutes, it would be quite gruelling for a producer to go through the whole video to find it.

Knowing how you’re going to use it

I have mentioned YouTube a lot in this post but that’s just because this is our favourite video platform. You might be briefing on a Wistia or Vimeo video. In such cases make sure the producer is aware of where you will be using the video and what you want people to do after watching it. Having a call to action is important and means you can produce a great end slate with annotations leading onto your website.

It also doesn’t hurt to give your producer a quick call after to explain everything in words as well. If they know you well they might be used to your style of writing but a stranger might need a bit of reassurance before getting started.

If in doubt, draw it out!

If you’re not sure whether the brief you gave was clear enough, you can always draw a storyboard on a piece of paper and send it over to your video producer. It’s sometimes hard to describe something you’re visualising in your mind so don’t be afraid to get creative with the pics and then use the phone to reiterate.

I hope this article has helped and if you have any experiences or knowledge you would like to share on the subject then please let me know in the comments below.

The Relevance of Content Marketing

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on October 21, 2014, No Comments

How does Content Marketing really apply to your business? Live And Social attended the Intelligent Digital Marketing Event hosted by Sagittarius Marketing in July. We took this opportunity to ask them about content marketing’s role in an intelligent digital marketing campaign. Here’s what they had to say.

Content marketing is the buzz word around marketing today for a number of reasons. Simply by looking at Google Trends I can see that the topic has quickly become popular since 2010.

content marketing trends

But content marketing is just a string to your bow of digital marketing tools and you must be able to see its value amongst the other areas you’re implementing in your digital marketing strategy. We ask three speakers at Intelligent Digital Marketing to make content marketing relevant to them.

Paul Stephen, C.E.O. of Sagittarius Marketing

You can’t have a content marketing strategy that doesn’t convert. Nick Towers explains why content must be created with one goal in mind, the goal of driving revenue through conversions.


Mark Needham, Digital Experience Consultant for Sitecore

Mark Needham talks about conversions and explains the challenges marketers face in implementing a marketing campaign that converts. One of these challenges is a successful content marketing strategy.


Jonnie Jensen, Social Media Strategist and Founder of Live And Social

What’s a social engagement strategy and how does this apply to content marketing? Better yet how does it apply to my business? Jonnie Jensen talks about the three simple principles which drive a successful social media strategy.


A digital marketing campaign is the skeleton of your online presence. Content marketing is having something to say. But remember that you cannot have something to say, without having someone to say it to. These two elements are crucial to creating relationships with people and ultimately selling your product or service.

How is content marketing relevant to what you do? Are you struggling to see the importance of it within your business? Use our comment box below to get involved with the conversation.