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Jonnie and his team were recommended to us. They have implemented a strategy and trained us to know all about Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging. The webinars have been hugely popular with our distributors and the new content on our website has seen us move up…

Ian Bovington, MD Classic Filters

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October’s Content Lunchbox: A Social Media Round-Up

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on October 30, 2014, No Comments
Live And Social Halloween

Welcome to our monthly content lunchbox where we squeeze a whole month’s social media business news into a short blog post. In our October issue we talk about the biggest news story of the month – Ebola. We also share our favourite infographic, video, Slideshare and eBook. Read on to find out more.

Top Story of the Month: Ebola

Ebola on Google Trends

The Ebola outbreak has been on everyone’s mind this month. The above image shows the Google Trends graph for the search term ‘Ebola’ shoot up. If you don’t know about Ebola yet you have probably been living under a bridge! Sadly the disease hasn’t got any closer to being eradicated but some people have been cured in the USA and one woman was discharged recently. I found a couple stories most interesting to learn about and thought I would share them with you here.

The first is a clip of Russell Howard’s Good News. I wanted to lighten up the tone a bit and this is definitely amusing!

Ebola Quarantine

Source: www.cnn.com

 What’s your thoughts on the Ebola Epidemic. Is this just a disease that the media are taking out of control or is there something we really need to be concerned about?

Infographic of The Month: Dark Side of Content Marketing

Let’s talk about your content marketing fears and how they can be overcome. Social Media Today made this awesome Halloween Infographic to help.

The Dark Side of Content Marketing - Social Media Today

Top Slideshare of the Month: 13 Tweetable Content Marketing Tricks

Another Halloween themed Slideshare but this time from Kapost.

Top eBook of The Month: Simple Social Media for Business Success by Jonnie Jensen

Yes that’s right…our founder has written an eBook. He has recently attended a Megapartnering conference in LA and was challenged to publish an eBook. The formatting may need some work but for now you can pick this up for 77p and we hope you do!

Live And Social News

As we mentioned we have been without our boss for a week now and even more sadly we have lost our Social Media Apprentice due to a birthday holiday. This traumatic time for myself (Natasha) and Operations Manager, Anthony has been made much easier because of Halloween. I have spent a few days concentrating on tricking and treating. Check out my social pumpkin!

Live And Social Halloween

Start Asking Questions and Listening in Sales: SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham

Posted by Natasha Aidinyantz, under , on October 28, 2014, No Comments
SPIN Selling Neil Rackham

It has long been thought that selling was the same for large and small commitments. You show the benefits of your product, how it solves someone’s solution and then it’s all about the closing. In the book SPIN Sales, the author Neil Rackham suggests that these old models are changing. The book itself was first published in 1995 but how is it that many of these techniques are still so new?

More than half of a purchasing decision is made before we even speak to a sales person, because we’re flooded with data and information which already provide benefits and solutions. We are now evaluating deeper issues with purchasing transactions. We focus on the relationship, values, ethos, transparency and experience.

Customers are becoming more risk averse and thus more sophisticated.

Neil Rackham in his video on the ‘Buying Cycle Today’ says that;

“Successful sales people today are people who create customer value by bringing forward ideas, creativity and their capacity to show customers thing’s that they haven’t even realised were there.”

His book on SPIN Selling came out of 12 years of research and studies of over 35,000 sales calls by 10,000 sales people in 23 different countries.

He introduces a new model of selling explained in more detail in this blog post by Richard Young from Pipeliner Sales. The lesson to be learnt here is that you need to ask questions and listen to be able to sell anything. But the more expensive the product or service you are selling, the more questions and the more listening you need to do. By asking more questions and listening more, you deepen the issues and strengthen your product/services offer.

When you think about it this makes a hell of a lot of sense. After all, if I am being sold to I want the person who is selling something to me to be able to give be the best and most useful product or service available, and they can’t do that unless they have all of my needs and problems.

I think this is also true when it comes to management and leadership. If you are trying to make a change in the business, you need to create buy in. Buy in from the top doesn’t come easy, but you wouldn’t expect it to or everyone’s ideas would be competing with each other. The way to sell your ideas is by showing that they are solving specific problems that matter to senior execs and other people you are trying to convince.

We’re all sales people at the end of the day and that’s why I really enjoyed reading this book and learning about the kind of questions you should be asking and the types of answers you should be listening out for.

If you would like to talk more about the research in this book then use the comment box below. Alternatively here is a link to purchase the book on Amazon.