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We bring our skills into your company and help you confidently manage your digital marketing

Your digital marketing dream team

Live And Social’s Digital Leaders work with you to remove the stress and doubt of making the wrong digital marketing decisions. We help you develop the right strategy and to implement the required tools, campaigns and systems. We then mentor and support you to get the most out of them and to achieve the desired success.

Live And Social have clear stages of work and a defined methodology. This means we can asses progress and clients know where they are at in their journey.

Live And Social leave you with a digitally competent team, a highly effective digital marketing system and a business geared for growth and success.

Our Mission

We help your business and its people embrace the power of digital marketing, digital technology and the internet in general.

We remove stress and doubt by bringing digital marketing expertise to your team.

We leave our clients feeling empowered and excited about using digital marketing to grow their business.

Our mission is to create market leaders.

Why we do what we do

I’m Jonnie Jensen, founder of Live and Social. I’ve worked in digital marketing since 1999. Still to this day its shocks me how businesses get ripped off over websites, pay per click and now social media.

Business leaders are then left hesitant about the benefits of digital tools and services. It’s a downward spiral that is hard to pull out of.

I want to create an upward spiral for our clients – one which your competitors cannot catch up. Live And Social establish digital skills and expertise in your business. We give you a strategy and help you make it happen. I want to educate and inspire your team so that we leave a lasting change in your company.

My team is a group of digital business experts, marketers and trainers. The marketing agencies, designers and techies we know are trusted and aligned with our values. You can think of us as your own digital marketing dream team, leading you to the success you deserve.

Work with us

Live And Social work with companies who are committed to achieving success from their digital marketing and to improving their digital systems. You know you should be getting more back from your online presence but you don’t know how.

Our clients are commonly 7 and 8 figure companies ready to move to the next stage of growth. We remove stress and uncertainty by creating practical digital business strategies that can quickly lead to a market leader advantage.

Most likely you have invested in some tools, hired staff and got your blog and social media running. You know you should be getting better results. You expect to recruit expertise in the future but right now you need to get the best from your people.

Get your Digital Business Score and arrange your 30min Digital Business Review call. We have only a limited number of slots each month. On the call we will learn more about your company and invite you to book your Digital Business Breakthrough session. Don’t delay. It is time to achieve the success from digital that your business deserves.

Our ethos and values

It is important to us that people know who they are dealing with when they work with us or for us.
Having values help us stay true to what we do and why …and have fun!

Partners and tools

We select the best tools and partners and we’re not against working with what you already have.



Hubspot is the webs leading inbound marketing platform. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools including marketing automation and CRM it gives us the means to manage campaigns and drive results for your business. Which is why we are nuts about using it.


Search Seven

Search Seven specialise in search marketing & conversion rate optimisation. They are Google Partners and very good at what they do. Which is why we love working with them.



Oktopost is the No1 B2B social media management platform. Its powerful campaign management features have made in an indespensible weapon in our armoury. The team there are always evolving the tool based on feedback and the results justify the investment. Which is why we can’t stop raving about it.



Hootsuite is the most well know social media management tool. We’ve used it for over 7 years and continue to drive the results we need. It is simple to use and quite frankly does what it needs to, every single day. Which is why love using it.

Meet the team

Jonnie Jensen
Jonnie JensenDigital Strategist

I’ve worked in digital marketing since 1999. Spending time in the web, mobile, e-learning and social. In 2007 I ran my first Twitter training course and Live And Social has evolved out of that. I cycle to work, adore my children and try to find reasons to laugh as often as possible. My goal is to open an office in Chicago and do a triathlon in under 150 minutes.


Anthony Stretten
Anthony StrettenTechnical Operations / Campaign Manager

I’m a very practical person who has to have everything in place before I am happy to hand anything over to a client. I have been working in the Technical & Operation sectors since 2006 and have loved every moment. On a personal level, I love to do anything involving computers and home entertainment, playing the drums and last of all, being a husband and a dad.


Ollie Whitfield
Ollie WhitfieldContent and Community Manager

My job is a joy every day because of the work I get to do and the people I get to work with and for. I train and advise our clients on their digital strategy, social and content. When I go home from the office I’m a freelance content writer. Get to know me and you’ll certainly hear about my 6-a-side football team, pool playing and all of the sport news.


Jane Woodyer
Jane WoodyerBlog Manager

I’m a creative person with a passion for writing copy that tells stories, conveys key messages, influences and results in action. With over 20 years in the advertising and marketing world I bring this experience to ghost writing and managing blog content. I’m also big on collaboration; I like to work with clients as part of their team. Outside of work I’m into family adventures, dragging the kids up mountains, wild swimming and being outdoors.


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