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We work out what is working and what is not. We help you create a strategy that is aligned with your business goals. We then help you make it happen. Our expert team will lead you through the 3 stages of digital marketing success to achieve what we call the Market Leader Advantage.

3 Stages of Digital Growth and Success

Live And Social lead you through our three stages of digital marketing growth. We bring experience into your business and establish confidence at a senior level. With an effective strategy, support across the company and the right tools, you will transform the culture and systems required for real digital marketing success.

This process targets the three key areas of skills, tools and resource. It replaces doubt and stress with confidence and strong leadership. This advanced level of digital competence is a competitive advantage. It is an asset in your business, resulting in increased revenues, and a clear path for growth.

Stage 1 – Present

The foundations of digital marketing success. During workshops and strategy sessions we identify the values and ethos of your business, and define your buyer personas. Live and Social then ensure that your digital, content and social media strategy is aligned with your business goals and objectives. 

Your market, competitors, internal skills and current activity are audited. Improvements are made to your website, blog and social channels so that they are fully optimised.

Working together we mentor your management team, identify your digital champions and create a digital transformation in the culture of your business. This is the platform for your success.

Stage 2 – Active

The heart of your digital marketing success. Live and Social train and mentor your team to ensure that your hard work and investment are achieving results. By following the strategy, content and social becomes a daily part of your business operations. Your website traffic increases, people engage with your social media and more leads are generated.

The efficiencies and results that this creates start to become evident. Your content assets and social media audience are growing in numbers. Quick wins come from existing customers, social advertising and targeted email marketing. This results in your sales team closing motivated buyers more effectively and efficiently.

Stage 3 – Growth

Turn digital marketing activity into business growth. Multiple lead generating content assets are linked to blog posts and pay per click advertising to deliver a measurable return on investment. Website traffic is tracked, linking your CRM with your visitor’s behaviour, nurturing leads with marketing automation and involving your sales team at the optimum time. This is everything an inbound marketing strategy is designed to achieve.

With an influential online presence, staff that are respected in the industry and a growing community of raving fans, your business will flourish and establish the Market Leader Advantage.


Delivering Our Service Into Your Business

This is how the staged approach works. Each element is part of the next. You can start with one and if you progress, the cost is absorbed in the next. That said, each element is a complete piece of work.

It always starts with Launch, so make the decision today to transform your digital marketing.

Digital Business Breakthrough

  • Content and Social Media Audit
  • Website, SEO and PPC Review
  • Competitor Benchmark
  • Digital Skills Audit
  • Business Leader Strategy Session
  • Digital Business Workshop

Digital Business Launch

  • As Breakthrough Plus…
  • Competitor Audit
  • Influencer Research
  • Full Strategy Workshop
  • Strategy Presentation
  • Social Media Training

Digital Business Growth

  • As Launch Plus…
  • Optimise Social Media Channels
  • Data Cleanse & Segmentation
  • Content Plan and Blog Optimisation
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Marketing Automation
*Prices shown are excluding VAT

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