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Companies that have success with their digital marketing make it core to their culture and business operations. This takes confidence from your business leaders and support throughout the team. Live And Social’s services recognise that many companies do not have this. In our Digital Business Power programme we bring digital marketing experts in to work alongside you. Together we develop your strategy, train your people and give you marketing support to get the work done. These are the key elements for success and long term value. Perfect!

How We Help You Reach Your Goal

Our Digital Business Power programme ensures that digital marketing becomes a powerful part of how your business drives sales and achieves its goals.

Where are you at?

  1. Don’t understand but know it is important
  2. Doing it but it is not working
  3. Following a plan consistently
  4. Leveraging activity and seeing success

Most businesses are in box number 1 or 2. Results are hard to come by. It is hard work and frustrating. We move you to box number 4. The market leader position. We take you out of stress and into success. If you have had enough of seminars, read enough blog posts, and want to work with someone who is going to give you control over your digital marketing, then get Digital Business Power.

Where is your business on the Digital Marketing Matrix?

Working With Live And Social

Digitally competent businesses are proven to drive more sales and operate more cost effectively than their less digitally mature competitors. Many business leaders want these benefits for their company but struggle to make them happen. This is what Jonnie Jensen, founder of Live And Social, wanted to solve.

Live And Social is not your standard marketing agency. We run strategic coaching programmes and support the work by offering clients our marketing services. We literally bring digital leadership and skills into your business and work with you to achieve success. If you are interested in developing digital marketing competence across your team, thinking digital as a business and getting the support to make it happen, then we are the partners for you.

Is your business ready for us?

We work with recruitment agencies and owner managed SME’s who are committed to growth. Our client’s make digital skills, tools and marketing core to their business success. You could work with Live And Social if you answer yes to 2 or more of these questions:

  • You need to increase leads and sales in your business
  • Your blog, email marketing and social media is not delivering results
  • You are spending money but have no idea if its working or not
  • You are not getting the best from your Hubspot or other digital marketing tools
  • You need business leaders to support digital activity
  • Your competitors are out performing you
  • Your marketing agency does not deliver the results you expect online
  • You want a digitally competent team who are helping grow your business

Introducing the ‘Digital Business Power’ programme

Live And Social help recruitment agencies and owner managed business take control of their digital marketing and smash their sales targets. Through experience we realised companies that did not have the right commitment to digital marketing, never achieved the desired results. We went back to basics and looked at what worked and created a method for ensuring success and long term value. 

The Digital Business Power programme combines our strategic consultancy, mentoring and marketing support in a structured on-going process. If you just want to give your digital marketing to someone to do for you, then we might not be the right people. If you want to be a digitally fit business, confidently leading your industry, with great people and happy clients, then choose an option that suits you and lets get started.

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Not sure what to do next?

I don’t know what bought you here today but it was probably something to do with getting success from your digital marketing.
That may mean you have lots of questions still about how Digital Business Power works or would fit into your business.

Getting those questions answered is as simple as booking a call with Jonnie Jensen, founder of Live And Social.
As our lead Digital Strategist and Business Mentor he will help you make the best decision for your company and situation.
Even if you just have a question about digital marketing, content or social media, he is happy to have a call with you.

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