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The Common Business Problem

For too many business owners digital marketing is a stress and headache. They know it is important but it is not something they know enough about. Responsibility is given to someone in the team or someone new is hired. Sometimes an agency has been hired to do the job for you. Decisions were made about tools and money has been spent. All without any clear idea if the choices were right or it is working now.

This is not how successful businesses owners normally operate but somehow it is around digital marketing.

Companies that understand and master digital marketing are creating strong reputations, attracting new customers and driving sales. It is a competitive advantage that is hard to lose.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you are reading this then it probably does.

The Solution

Digital Business Leadership is a 1-on-1 business growth programme. Together we put a plan in place and fix your digital marketing problems. It is designed to give business leaders and key staff the confidence and clarity to successfully manage digital marketing. In the first phase we focus on strategy and planning. In the second part we help you practically implement the work. You may need to train your staff or hire new people but all of that is covered. If you want support to get the marketing activities done then take the full Digital Business Power.

  • Develop the right strategy
  • Train and hire the right staff
  • Choose the right tools and systems
  • Set up and optimise your blog and social media
  • Create lead generation campaigns
  • Create consistent high quality content
  • Manage day to day social media
  • Reporting and analysing results

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Meet Jonnie Jensen – Digital Business Strategist

I’m Jonnie Jensen, founder of Live and Social and your Digital Business Mentor in the Leadership programme. I’ve worked in digital marketing since 1999. I was the marketing manager for Lycos UK (yes, pre-Google!), and then spent 4 years in mobile running text services and loyalty programmes for O2 and EE. In 2008 I started running social media training and opened Live And Social in 2009.

It shocks me still today how many businesses do not have a solid grasp of digital marketing. Many don’t have the knowledge and have been ripped off over websites, SEO, online advertising and now social media.

Business leaders are then left hesitant about the benefits of digital tools and services. It’s a downward spiral that is hard to pull out of. I want to create an upward spiral for your business- one which your competitors cannot catch up. Live And Social establish digital skills and expertise in your business. We give you a strategy and help you make it happen. I want to educate and inspire your team so that we leave a lasting change in your company.

My team is a group of digital business experts, marketers and trainers. The marketing agencies, designers and techies we know are trusted and aligned with our values. You can think of us as your own digital marketing dream team, leading you to the success you deserve.

Why The Digital Business Leadership Programme Makes Sense

Think about the goals and targets for your business. Ask yourself how are you going to achieve them unless you start doing things differently? How are you going to increase performance and results?

Digital Business Leadership is a 6 month 1-on-1 mentoring programme. It is the same content as the Mastermind but if you want closer attention on your business and specific objectives, then 1-on-1 may be more desirable way to work. It is delivered online or face to face depending on where your business is located. There is work to do between sessions and extra support is available if you want it.

This is a done with you programme because we want to take you on a journey to succeed where you have not been able to do so before. As part of your monthly fee you get 2 x credits which can be used against services such as blog writing, reporting or email marketing. If you want more of the work done for you see the full Digital Business Power programme.

If you think digital marketing is about having a blog and doing some social media then you are missing the point. Achieving Digital Business Power is about having a business that works more effectively and efficiently. It should not be viewed simply as marketing. You should look at it as a member of your team. Someone that works 24/7 365 days a year. A power house of sales, marketing and customer support.

The importance of being able to lead this in your business is that it creates a core competence. Something that will help your business grow and thrive. You can, of course use marketing specialists (like Live And Social) to help you but you have to be able to lead and manage them effectively. This is how you create long term value in your business.

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This is our most popular programme, so get your place before it’s all booked up

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Six Simple and Empowering Months

If knowing what to do made the difference everyone would be successful.

Getting someone else to do it for you won’t add long term value.

Putting the plan, people and tools in place is vital.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goal

Our Digital Business Leadership programme ensures that digital marketing becomes a powerful part of how your business drives sales and achieves its goals.

Where are you at?

  1. Don’t understand but know it is important
  2. Doing it but it is not working
  3. Following a plan consistently
  4. Leveraging activity and seeing success

Most businesses are in box number 1 or 2. Results are hard to come by. It is hard work and frustrating. We move you to box number 4. The market leader position. We take you out of stress and into success. If you have had enough of seminars, read enough blog posts, and want to work with someone who is going to give you control over your digital marketing, then get Digital Business Leadership for your company.

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This is our most popular programme, so get your place before it’s all booked up

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How Are You Going To Move Your Digital Marketing Forward?

Carry On The Way You Are

Many companies fall into a dangerous space where they need digital marketing to drive sales but can’t justify the cost of expertise in their business. You can carry on picking up knowledge as you go along, hoping you make the right decisions and trying to make it work. The problem is that it is not a core strength and you don’t have the resources in place. Stress, cost and frustration lead to a loss of momentum.

Your content and social media won’t deliver results

Your business will appear lower down in Google search results

Your marketing person will become stressed and demotivated

Digitally competent staff will be poached by competitors

Loyal customers will be reading competitors content and social media

Your lack of online presence will make it hard to hire the best talent

Referrals won’t convert. Leads decrease & sales take longer to close

The stress of the above will make your business less enjoyable to run

Work With A Digital Business Expert

All businesses need confident digital leaders to make decisions and create momentum. The Digital Business Leadership programme gives you that from day one. It is the change you need to take your business and its digital marketing to the next level. As well as Jonnie Jensen’s expertise, you get the support from his team of digital marketing specialists. It is a shortcut to the digital marketing structure and success you desire.

Follow a plan that supports your business goals

Create content that improves your Google search ranking

Create campaigns that consistently deliver leads and sales

Get more referrals and close sales quicker

Attract the best industry talent to your business

Help your sales team focus on the hottest leads

Help your staff work more effectively and efficiently

Grow a successful business that fulfils your personal ambitions


We’ve had the pleasure of working with companies in a variety of sectors and helping them achieve Digital Business Power.


Roderick McInnes – Alium Partners

Over the last 4 years I have worked with Jonnie, his expertise, knowledge and digital insight helped take Alium from a company with little digital, social or content strategy, to a leader in the industry. From developing an engaging blog and a varied content hub, to helping us establish the organisation across relevant social media platforms, the work of Jonnie and his team at Live and Social has driven fantastic engagement levels amongst clients and candidates and I am delighted to recommend him.


Andrew Japp – Webcredible

Jonnie is a force in digital marketing and social media knowledge because he has been doing it for years, and has built of wealth of successful credentials. He is a fantastic trainer and really takes the time to understand the individual requirements, plus the businesses and commercial objectives and how that translates to their digital activity. He can therefore recommend the right strategical approach and deliver on the implementation.


Alex Dickerson – Celerity

Jonnie has great knowledge in all areas of social, web and the strategy sitting behind all this. He makes a very large, complex idea; simply and actionable so that we can drive real results. I would recommend Jonnie to anyone


Kevin Jenner – Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems

Jonnie opened the eyes of the most hardened skeptic in our team. His fundamental understanding of the social media world, and the possibilities it offers, allow him to be highly creative whilst at the same time retaining the confidence of the audience. Jonnie is down to earth and easy to work with. On a subject where other consultants seem to spend time theorising, Jonnie understood our desire to get down to business and make things happen. He has brought us a long way in a short time and I would highly recommend him to anyone else looking to break into this complex but exciting field.


Jonathan Lindon – Source LF

I met Jonnie for what was, initially, a training day for Twitter in early 2010. Since then we have engaged with his company, on a retained basis, to advise on social media strategy, manage a website build, and integrate social media into our wider marketing strategy.
Jonnie and his team are not only knowledgeable and service focused, they are also easy to work with, detailed in their approach and open to our ideas – however off the mark they might be! Patience is a virtue that Jonnie demonstrates in abundance. I personally look forward to our continued relationship both personally and professionally.

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Each business we work with needs to be ready and committed. It is an exciting process and we want participants to get the most from it. After a video meeting we look forwarded to confirming your place on the programme.Together we will turn your digital marketing stress into success.

Business Investment: £11,000 (+VAT)

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