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Digital Marketing Success For Recruitment Agencies

Our services combine to give your business the strategy, skills and support it needs

The 3 Elements Of Digital Marketing Success

Recruitment Agencies are fundamentally geared around sales. Too often though their website and social media is not aligned with these sales objectives.  Digital marketing should be viewed as a powerful member of your team and a superhero power for your consultants.

Recruitment Agencies that have success with their digital marketing make it core to their culture and business operations. This takes confidence from your business leaders and support throughout the team. Live And Social’s services recognise that many companies do not have this. In our ‘Digital Business Power’ programme we bring digital marketing experts in to work alongside you. Together we develop your strategy, train your people and give you marketing support to get the work done. These are the key elements for success and long term value.

You get Digital Leadership and a specialist digital marketing support team. Perfect!

Working With Live And Social

Digitally competent businesses are proven to drive more sales and operate more cost effectively than their less digitally mature competitors. Many business leaders want these benefits for their company but struggle to make them happen. This is what Jonnie Jensen, founder of Live And Social, wanted to solve.

Live And Social is not your standard marketing agency. We run strategic coaching programmes and support the work by offering clients our marketing services. We literally bring digital leadership and skills into your business and work with you to achieve success. If you are interested in developing digital marketing competence across your team, thinking digital as a business and getting the support to make it happen, then we are the partners for you.

Join the Digital Business Power Mastermind programme

Group Programme

Join the Digital Business Leadership programme

1-on-1 Programme

Join the Digital Business Power programme

1-on-1 plus Marketing Services

The Digital Business Power Programme

Live And Social’s services combine to form Digital Business Power. Working together we take you through our three stages – Present, Active and Growth – of digital marketing success. This ensures your business has the right foundations in place and can then carry out the work effectively. Digital Business Power is offered in 3 formats:

  1. Mastermind programme – perfect for smaller teams or where you want to alongside other companies
  2. 1-on-1 Leadership programme – perfect for larger companies or companies who want undivided attention
  3. Full ‘power’ programme – get 1-on-1 Leadership plus our marketing services to help you get the work done

Digital Business Power is designed to give business leaders clarity and confidence. Each month we work through a module and you can access our training and marketing services as you require. Together we will put the right strategy, people, systems and tools in place. This ensures we are creating long term value in your business. Quite simply we are future proofing you and helping you be to go-to company that everybody wants to work with and for.

Month 1-3

  • Content and Social Media Audit
  • Website, SEO and PPC Review
  • Competitor Review
  • Digital Skills Audit
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Tool and Channel Set Up
  • Reporting Set Up
  • Monthly Business Coaching

Month 3-6

  • Content Production & Publishing
  • Digital & Social Media Training
  • Day to Day Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Lead Generation Phase 1
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Monthly Business Coaching

Month 6-12

  • Lead Generation Phase 2
  • Community Growth & Management
  • Full Marketing Automation
  • PPC and Social Advertising
  • Live Video and Online Events
  • CRM and Website Tracking
  • Reporting and Analysis 
  • Monthly Business Coaching

Register for Digital Business Power

Each business we work with needs to be ready and committed. It is an exciting process and we want participants to get the most from it. After a video meeting we look forwarded to confirming your place on the programme.Together we will turn your digital marketing stress into success.

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