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Achieving Digital Marketing Success

Our services combine to give your business the strategy, skills and support it needs

The 3 Elements Of Digital Marketing Success

You want results from your digital marketing, systems and tools but you are not getting them.
You are tweeting, blogging, connecting, emailing, posting updates and hoping it helps your business.
You have invested in tools and services. You’ve hired an agency and recruited staff.
You thought you made the right decisions but don’t know how to measure results.
You are left with stress, confusion and doubt. You are worried it is hurting your business.
These are the problems that Live And Social and our Digital Business Power programme solve.

Working With Live And Social

Live And Social help businesses use digital marketing confidently and effectively. Our Digital Business Power programme will give you the structure and process that you have so desperately been looking for. Working with our Digital Leaders you will create digital marketing and social media activity that drives sales for your business. We are a Hubspot agency partner and will ensure your website has an increase in visits, with more leads and data to help you close deals quicker.

All our work follows the Digital Business Power process. With these foundations in place you will be free from the stress of keeping up with latest technology and trying to develop a digital marketing strategy. We help you make a plan, manage staff and get the best out of your existing agencies. Our ‘done with you’ approach ensures you are creating long term value in your business. If you want marketing support we have a team to help with your content creation, social media management and lead generation campaigns.

Choose the programme below which is right for you and let’s get started.

Digital Business Power with Jonnie Jensen
Get Digital Business Power with Jonnie Jensen

Digital Business Power

Digital Business Coaching With Jonnie Jensen

Digital Business Coaching

Inbound Marketing Services with Live And Social

Inbound Marketing Services

The Digital Business Power Programme

Digital Business Power is a process designed to give your business the core elements of digital marketing success. As a business it helps Live And Social deliver a consistent level of service to you, whether that be our 3-day programme, digital business coaching or inbound marketing services. There is a time and a place for creative agencies and specialist digital services. These come when your business has the digital competence and confidence to chose and manage them.

Digital marketing has three core elements. These are Contacts – Content – Conversation. These have not changed since the internet arrived but the challenge for many business is that they never really mastered them from the beginning. Then as new technologies, services and social media came along digital marketing has seemed to be become even more complicated.

It does not need to be. What every business needs is a simple to follow plan, with the tools, people and support to make it happen. This is why Digital Business Power exists. To take away the fear, concern and stress. To replace it with confidence, clarity and momentum.

Register for Digital Business Power now or speak to us about how we can best help your company.

How Can We Help You?

Whether you want to dominate your market or simply get a grip of your digital marketing, our Digital Business Power services will take your company forward. If you are unsure of what you need then simply arrange a phone call or click the Chat Icon to start a conversation now. Together we will turn your digital marketing stress into business success.

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